Copyright Lawyers and Database Rights

Waterfront Solicitors’ copyright lawyers are based in London and offer expert copyright law advice for businesses of all sizes.

What are Copyright and Database Rights?

Copyright and database rights underpin many of our clients’ business-critical assets. For example, copyright law is often the primary intellectual property right used to protect digital content in industries as diverse as computer softwares, gaming, advertising and marketing, media, entertainment and publishing — to name only a few.

Waterfront’s copyright solicitors and database solicitors are highly regarded experts in their field, recognised by the most prestigious legal directories. We use our significant expertise in these areas in order to leverage our client’s position to protect, exploit and enforce such rights.

Copyright and database rights are often wrongly considered to be some of the more simple and straightforward intellectual property rights. In fact, copyright and database rights are some of the most complex intellectual property rights. Given the importance of copyright to fast developing industries, emerging technologies, the internet, digital media and advertising, it is unsurprising that copyright law is one of the fastest moving areas of intellectual property law. This topic often features on our blog.

What areas of Copyright Law and Database Rights can Waterfront help you with?

Our specialist copyright solicitors are experts in copyright and database rights and have a depth of expert advice in disputes and litigations, commercial transactions, general clearance and advisory work, intellectual property rights audits and chain of the title research.

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