Settlement Agreement Lawyers & Solicitors

We are specialists in advising both employees and employers on settlement agreements.

We are pleased to have guided hundreds of individuals through the negotiation of their employer’s proposal of settlement.

We know that it can be a confusing process and one which most will have never experienced before. Accordingly, we always take the time to explain how it works before understanding the background and advising on how your legal rights compare to the terms proposed. If you have been offered a Settlement Agreement Lawyer then you can call one of the team with any questions or you might find this blog on 10 answers for employees who have been offered a settlement agreement useful.

For employers we provide expert advice on how and when to use Settlement Agreement Lawyer to achieve the required outcomes and protect the business. The agreement could be to bring the employment relationship to an end by mutual consent, resolve a dispute or simply as a condition of an enhanced severance or redundancy package. We advise employers on all aspects, from the underlying legal framework, to making an offer, to any negotiation and even enforcement if an agreement is breached. We do all this with the best commercial interests of the business in mind.

Unlike some employment specialists, we are pleased to represent both individuals and businesses. It means that we maintain an excellent working knowledge of the tactical, legal and commercial considerations which are important on both sides of the table. It is this rounded expertise which means we are formidable advisers to both employer and employee.

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